Iesodo is a kind and wise white DOVE. As leader of our flock, he spreads his message of love and kindness wherever he goes, changing the lives of birds everywhere.



Maggie is a PALESTINIAN SUNBIRD, who has had a tough life. Having lost her flock, she has found a new family with Iesodo and friends.

Barry is a HOOPOE, the national bird of Israel. Hoopoes are all about tradition, and they are upset when Iesodo goes against their age-old ways.


Rocky is a BULBUL, a common bird. He is our narrator, carrying us through many adventures as he and his friends follow Iesodo.


A KINGFISHER, Tom is a nervous little fellow, which often leads to humorous misunderstandings.


Fisherman PELICAN brothers, Jack and Jacob, seldom see eye-to-eye on anything, except their love for Iesodo.

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