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This is an inspiring and uplifting DVD the entire family can enjoy together.      –

So it’s nice to have movies like the Iesodo series that are clean, funny, and instill biblical principles in our children.   –

The story has an great way to speak to kids in a way they can understand, and help them to feel God’s love in it.  This would be a perfect gift for Christmas, as a way to praise the Lord for sending His Son for us here on earth. I would definitely recommend these to any parent, school group or Sunday School.      –

With all of the commercialization of Christmas, it is easy for kids to get caught up in their lists to Santa and “wants.” Help them remember the true meaning of Christmas with Joy.       –

 This is such a beautiful series. The animation is top-notch and the songs are ones I know your children will be singing long after this DVD ends. I love how they incorporated the story of Iesodo’s birth with the New Testament story of the Nativity.       –

These movies are simply perfect.    –

This series is a great way to bring the entire family together and after watching any of the movies you can have wonderful conversations about the Bible stories that it representeD.      –


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