The Gathering

Barry and Rocky are both flying to the same event; the great bird gathering up north. However, they each have different purposes. Rocky is going for the purpose of hearing Iesodo’s message. Barry is going for an entirely different reason; to end Iesodo’s message of love and peace. Barry, a determined and loyal Hoopoe, is committed to following his leader’s orders to stop Iesodo from sharing a message that might change the Hoopoe’s long-held traditions. Will Iesodo’s message, and the friends Barry meets along the way, be able to convince Barry to abandon his plan to destroy Iesodo? Watch as each of Barry’s new friends–and Barry–learn about the true message Iesodo brings. Iesodo teaches each of the group’s loveable birds that there is indeed a way to overcome life’s obstacles and find peace and joy, and above all, teaches them that they are loved. Watch Now

Believing Is Seeing

Luke has a problem: he’s a bird that can’t see, and that means he can’t fly. And since he can’t fly, he has a tough time finding food to eat. Luke’s dream is to be able to fly like other birds, soaring high above the ground. But the Hoopoes see Luke as a burden to the community. Will Luke’s faith in Iesodo’s words–and in his new friends’ encouragement–be enough to convince Luke to try again? And if he does, will he succeed? Watch as Luke learns what it means to believe, and watch what happens when the Hoopoe crew tries to banish Luke from the big lake forever. Watch Now

Birds Of A Feather, Fish Together

Jack and Jacob Pelican promised to provide the main course meal for Freddie and Fiona’s wedding feast. But Rocky, Tom, and the others are convinced that the Pelican brothers’ incessant squabbling over who is the better fisherman will ruin everything. With the wedding just hours away and not a fish in sight, will Iesodo be able to convince the brothers to change course? Will His message of teamwork and togetherness help Jack and Jacob follow through on their promise? Watch as the brothers learn how to exchange selfishness for togetherness, and as Iesodo turns water into wi–, er, nectar. Watch Now

Love Your Enemies

Zack is a tax collector who has no problem taking taxes from the people to pay for kingdom expenses–and a little (or a LOT) extra for his own pocket. When some angry members of the Flock decide to handle Zack’s thieving ways without Iesodo’s help, things don’t quite turn out as planned. Will Iesodo’s seemingly eccentric and non-traditional way of handling the problem get better results? Will the group’s message of unconditional love help Zack to choose a better path? Can love really turn an enemy into a friend? Watch Now

Miracles Are Everywhere

Iesoda and His friends are flying throughout the kingdom, helping, sharing, learning, and loving those in need. When they plan an event in the countryside to share the good news with all who gather, the Hoopoes send Snitch the Finch to sabotage the team’s plans. The large group of gathered birds, who haven’t eaten in days, are waiting eagerly for Iesodo. richard mille replica With nothing but a few acorns and a couple of fish for miles around, Snitch tries to lure the awaiting birds away with a promise of food. Watch and see what happens when Tom, Barry, and the others trust in Iesodo to provide for all of their needs–even the ones that seem impossible to meet. Watch Now

The Wind And The Rain

As Iesodo goes off alone to pray and the birds begin their journey back to the cypress tree after the big gathering, the weather turns dangerous very quickly. The crew looks for a place to land and take shelter but there is only sea beneath them. The birds find a log in the water to rest on, but the massive winds and waves of the sea seem sure to overtake them. Will Iesodo come to their rescue? Watch Rocky and the birds learn the true meaning of faith. Watch Now

Unto Us A Dove Is Born

Rocky and the crew are planning a surprise birthday party for Iesodo. But trouble arises when the Hoopoes try to cancel the party by making a law that declares all celebrations illegal. Rocky had planned for his gift to Iesodo to be the telling of the story of Iesodo’s birth to the party’s guests. Now Rocky will have to tell his story early. Watch as Rocky shares the feather-raising story of Iesodo’s birth. And find out what happens when Craig and the other Hoopoes show up at Iesodo’s party. Will they put an end to Iesodo’s birthday celebration? Or will love and joy prevail? Watch Now

The Good, The Bad, And The Vultures

Devon is the most feared vulture in all the land. When Maggie and Iesodo go to the dark forest to meet Devon, will evil overtake good? Maggie has always wondered what would happen if Iesodo knew about all of the bad choices she made when she was young. Would He still want to be her friend? When she asks Iesodo that question, He answers her by showing her a real example of the battle between evil and good. Will Iesodo be able to convince Devon–and Maggie–that good is more powerful than evil? Or will Raven convince Devon that power is more valuable than love? Watch Now

Forgive And Forget

Craig and the Hoopoes warn of dire consequences when Iesodo’s friend Matt plans a feast for birds of all kinds at the lake. Barry’s anger at Tom threatens to ruin the feast as well. Iesodo works to spread His message of forgiveness to all. But each bird has a choice to make: to hold on to anger and unforgiveness or to set their hearts free and leave judgment behind.  Will each bird make the right choice? Watch Now

The Greatest Is The Least

Mary and Martha are preparing a special feast for Iesodo and His friends at their tree. When Craig and the other Hoopoes visit Mary, Martha, and their brother Larry, they strongly suggest they shouldn’t associate with Iesodo any longer. The siblings refuse to heed Craig’s warning, but there are other problems that threaten to ruin the feast. Martha’s fear of retaliation from the Hoopoes and of whether or not the feast will be successful creates panic. And Jack and Jacob fight about which of them is the “better” brother. Meanwhile, Barry works to keep the little birds out of Iesodo’s way. But Iesodo’s message of kindness helps everyone see the error of their ways. Watch Now

The Good Pigeon

Jack and Jacob are getting frustrated with the overflow of visitors that come to the big lake during vacation season. They’re eating the fish, the berries, and the other food nearby, and Jack and Jacob are worried there won’t be enough food for themselves. When the boys make a plan to scare the visiting birds away, Rocky calls on Iesodo to help. Will Iesodo’s story about Harry the Parrot and the pigeon who helped him convince the brothers to change their ways and welcome the vacationing birds? Watch Now

Faith Takes Flight

Always have Faith in the face of adversity. Iesodo travels with his flock to Rocky’s cousin Frank’s tree where he heals a bird who believes. Meanwhile, the hoopoes continue to try and thwart the spreading of the Good News, even as one older Hoopoe comes to faith. Featured Songs – “Flying By Faith” and “How Can I Start Over? Watch Now

Hope for the Future

Miracles are real and believing brings power and hope. Iesodo and the flock travel the land performing miracles great and small, including healing a young Hoopoe in the most amazing way. Barry returns to his nest by the sea and convinces many too follow Iesodo. Featured songs – “One Touch” and “Miracles Happen When You Believe Watch Now

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Enjoy More Iesodo

“Little is Big” Sing-Along

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